Clean Labeling

Baldwin Richardson Foods Co recognizes the importance of consumer health and wellness. Product Developers at Baldwin Richardson Foods strive to bring new and practical Health & Wellness product platforms to our customers. Additionally, our R&D group evaluates novel ingredients for new product applications and also supplies options for consumers with special dietary needs.

Nutrient content claims:

We evaluate new ingredients and products that can bring value to our customers’ consumers, both through what we add and what we do not. Fiber and protein are valuable nutrients and both have recommended daily requirements to maintain a balanced diet. We continuously investigate new sources of these ingredients for application in new and existing products.

Conversely, other ingredients like sweeteners can provide excessive calories if not consumed in moderation. Our Product Developers have created products using alternative sweetener systems, both for natural and conventional products, which provide all of the taste without the guilt. This also applies to many of our current products, where we have removed high fructose corn syrup for example due to its association with increased incidents of obesity.

Lastly, we provide options for fortification with vitamins and minerals. Many consumers count on fortified products to maintain a healthy diet when they are eating on the go.

Novel ingredient application:

The food industry is constantly changing and new trends with existing ingredients are always being developed. Our R&D group works collaboratively with Marketing to stay abreast of new product trends and available value-added ingredients. We assist our customers by developing new products containing ingredients like super fruits, which can provide added benefits to their consumers.

Also, nutraceuticals have seen tremendous growth over the past decade and allow consumers to obtain added benefits in everyday products. Products developed for our customers include those containing antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and plant sterols to support cardiovascular health, GRAS ingredient application for joint and cognitive health, and the use of prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive and immune health.

Consumers with special dietary needs:

Many consumers have special dietary requirements and we assist our customers in developing products that meet their needs. There are several of these categories some of which include: Gluten free, All Natural, Certified Organic, and Kosher.